Hermes Berrio’s artwork is a powerful restructuring of urban emotion that transforms canvas into eye candy and ordinary furniture into collected treasures. His stylized creations alter ideas, redistribute meaning, and mutate concepts to the point of unrecognizable perfection!  “My work is a process of investigating urban elements, working with material, creating forms and compositions, and the artistic process of creator to viewer,“ states Berrio. ”As an artist, I am a re-arranger of meanings.”

Growing up in Colombia and studying in New York City, Hermes Berrio’s fearless irreverence and untamed imagination has captured the attention of collectors, galleries, and the South American office of Christie’s Auction House where he was recently featured. Keeping himself close to urban inspiration, Berrio’s studio in Bogota, Colombia offers him a cityscape of ideas, emotions, concepts, and elements which recently culminated in his latest eye-popping series, ‘Keeping It Real’, a graffiti-style, punch-in-the-gut for traditional art lovers. “To dare create a great work of art, you need not to be afraid to invent,” explains Berrio of his latest series. “The viewer is conditioned to accept art works as art only if they are created in a traditional manner. To appreciate art works that originate and develop outside of these constraints is quite the opposite.”

Venturing into sculpture, Hermes Berrio’s vision for non-conventional expression continues to shatter formed theories of art. ‘Microbo’, which is a permanent work of art created to support the The Corazón Verde Foundation, a Colombian organization that generates resources for widows and orphans of the National

Police, recently exhibited publicly in La Plaza de Bolivar before selling at auction via Christie’s Auction House. “The completion of a piece or a production involves a great deal of imagination, planning, and effort,” says Berrio. “Inspiration comes from the ideas to transform paralyzing self-conscious predicaments of culture into confident ecstasies of cultures recombined; transforming self and heritage into something new and named.”

Stay tuned for more about Hermes Berrio’s changeling creations.

Coco Lee Loren.

Cultural diplomacy and public affairs expert.

Tomado de , 2016