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From Colorado Springs to Long Island: Research Notes (Edition Monographs of the Nikola Tesla Museum)

Author: Nikola Tesla (Author), Aleksandar Marincic (Contributor), Vojin Popovic (Contributor), Milan Ciric (Contributor), Vladimir Jelenkovic (Contributor)


This is Brand new From Colorado Springs to Long Island!!

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Nikola Tesla Museum

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“The book From Colorado Springs to Long Island presents the entire edition of Colorado Springs Notes 1899-1900, with the significant addition of never before published notes that Tesla wrote in New York after his return from Colorado Springs, and before he moved to the new laboratory on Long Island. Encouraged by the results obtained in Colorado, Tesla started thinking about the construction of a large transmitter that would allow not just for reception of radio and telegraph signals around the world, but would also provide energy for high-power devices. At the end of 1900, he found a financier for the project of his life, and at the beginning of 1901 he signed an agreement with John Pierpont Morgan, one of the key figures of the business and finance world, whose decisions crucially influenced the development of the economy, and especially the electrification and industrialization of the U.S. During the same time period, immediately before and several months after the signing of the agreement with J.P. Morgan, Tesla continued to organize his notes from Colorado Springs. Moreover, in his New York laboratory, he performed some additional research and experiments to establish the influence of the arrangement of coils in the oscillation circuit on inductivity and their resonance tuning, worked on new devices and the development of his theory of wireless energy transmission, in preparation for a huge undertaking – the construction of the world communication system on Long Island, which would be based on his enormous high-voltage sparking transmitter from Colorado Springs. Exactly these “new” notes, written almost exclusively on the notepaper of the New York Waldorf Astoria Hotel during 1900 and 1901, together with the previous writings from Colorado Springs, form a new, complete unit, giving a more comprehensive insight into everything that preceded Tesla’s, regrettably never completed, life project.” Vladimir Jelenkovic, Director of the Nikola Tesla Museum