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Time and Again by Jack Finney 1970 1st Edition/1st Printing

Author: Jack Finney


One of the most beloved tales of our time!

Very good condition, 1st edition/1st printing

Extremely rare sample!!

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Simon & Schuster



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Time and Again is a 1970 illustrated novel by American writer Jack Finney. The many illustrations in the book are real, though, as explained in an endnote, not all are from 1882, the year in which the main action of the book takes place.

A sequel, From Time to Time (1995), was published during the final year of the author’s life. The book left room for a third novel, apparently never written.

In the afterword of 11/22/63Stephen King states that Time and Again is “in this writer’s humble opinion, the great time-travel story.” He had originally intended to dedicate his book to Jack Finney.

Si Morley is ordered by the American Government to go back to the New York of 1882 on the track of a historical mystery involving fraud and murder by arson. It is in the old New York, with its horse-drawn buses, sleigh rides and vegetable allotments between the streets, that Morley falls in love. This wonderful novel is the basis for the Christopher Reeves film.